Sometimes it is a little thing . . . .

Confession time:  I don’t get to just dream up and make costumes every day; I have a day job.  I am a lawyer and have been practicing law for about 25 years.  We have a group in my law firm for women attorneys.  I planned an outing to go see the new documentary on Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  She really was a brilliant lawyer and did a lot of work on women’s civil rights, so perfect for a group of female lawyers.  We planned a couple of different showtimes to attend to accommodate schedules. I decided to do a bit of costuming for the show I went to.  I took scraps of lace and leftover lace from projects and made lace collars/jabots/ascots – whatever you want to call them so we could pay homage to RBG.  I just pleated lace pieces and attached them to ribbons to tie  around our necks.  Really simple and easy and not really that well constructed.  But they were a great hit – and made a fun outing even more fun. Just goes to show, a little costuming can brighten any day.

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  1. I’m a lawyer/costumer too! Isn’t it nice to have a hobby that has nothing to do with your job? Though I worry people may not take me as seriously if they see some of my weirder outfits. 😉

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