Snow Day!

I live in Missouri, which means we occasionally get snow — not a lot, but enough we can usually manage it. But last night was different. We got about 10 inches, with the heaviest coming during rush hour which means roads could not be cleared. A 20 minutes commute became over 2 hours. A 40 minute commute more like 6.

But good can come from misfortune. I woke up early to a beautiful blanket of snow feeling I could conquer anything. I imagined spending the day doing embroidery or cutting a new costume, but instead I opted to play in the snow with the family. Of course my costuming had to come through in some way. I couldn’t bring myself to use one of the good bonnets or parasols, but sadly I have enough I could share with our snow person (my family felt we couldn’t gender it.)

The bonnet was the first I ever made using a straw visor as a base. The parsol is one I bought online and found it didn’t have the wooden handle as pictured. The reticule is one of my new creations I’m selling in my Etsy shop.

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