Regency Bonnet 2018

As I explained in my prior post about the Louisville Jane Austen Festival 2017, I was disappointed with my prior bonnet attempts so I had to try it again for this year.  While I don’t think I am quite there, I am a lot closer.  I think Vicki has the right idea creating her own hat base as she explained in this blog entry. But I was hoping to get away with buying a base with a good shape.  I bought the “Elinor” blank from regencyausentation on Etsy. It was close to what I wanted so I started from there.  I used this extant design from a fashion plate.

The blank I worked from had a much smaller, and more rounded crown but it was as close as I could find.

I thought the straw looked too modern so I opted to line the inside brim, (which is what would be seen in most of my pictures anyway), in blue to go with my day dress. Finding navy blue silk ended up being the hardest part of the project.  I ended up finding some on Dharma trading.  I had some cotton trim with a Van Dyke edge which I thought would make a lovely outline on the brim and I ordered navy blue ribbon from a source on Amazon.

I cut the blue an inch wider than the brim, turned it under a quarter inch and gathered. That edge was hand sewn onto the outer edge of the brim.

The other long side was gathered and hand sewn into the edge of the crown.

Then the trim was added to the outer edge. I opted to wrap the cotton trim over the edge of the straw bonnet since I thought the texture of the straw was too modern.

Last I attached the ribbon as seen in the extant sample.

I think it looks lovely, but I will probably do like Vicki and create my own base next time to get what I really want.


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