Inspired Disney Ears

I didn’t even know this was a thing, but my daughter loves anything to do with Disney.  Last spring she and a cousin were planning a trip to Disney and she noted that people go in the parks with “Mickey” ears inspired by other characters.  I already knew that adults weren’t allowed in the Disney parks in costume so diehard fans use a form of cosplay called disneybounding. But Katie and her cousin weren’t interested to going incognito.  Instead they opted for the inspired ears.

So, a selection of ears had to be created and me, being the sucker for any kind of creative costuming got drawn in on her project.  She showed me a few samples on blogs and etsy and they looked easy enough, and FUN!

The base headbands were bought from Amazon. I picked up small pieces of left-over foam from a local foam store. After deciding on which characters would be immortalized she made a list of fabrics and accessories that were needed. Some of the fabrics were found in remnant bins at a local fabric store, others were purchased 1/4 yard at a time at Walmart. Some cotton batting came from my stash. And the end result were fabulous.  

We created a pattern from some existing Mickey ears. Each ear had a piece of cardboard (cut from old mailing boxes), thin foam and cotton batting to puff as needed. They were attached to the silk headbands with hot glue and a variety of bows and other accessories were added to bring them to life.

I think my favorite was the Eeyore ears.  Blue felt ears sewn as normal, with the addition of black yarn whipstitched in places to mimic Eeyore’s repaired seams, a pink bow like his tail and a black fluff of fun fur sewn in the middle to represent his tuft of hair.

The one I thought was most creative represented Ursala from the Little Mermaid. Since Ursala is rather glamorous in her own way,  black sequined fabric was appropriate. A gold button of undersea coral attached to a purple bow made a nice look, but when Katie added long curls of purple craft pipe cleaners the ears were perfect.

Moana’s ears showcased raffia like a grass skirt, Ferdinand had roses, and a simple light blue sequined ears with white bow represented the classic Cinderella.  Of course Katie had to add a lighted Happy Birthday taken from a birthday crown for her cousin to wear on her 25th birthday.


As a postscript I have to add that Katie and her cousin went to Disney for the first time when they were eight years old. There were five girl cousins total on that trip so of course we had to make them matching dresses.  Maybe I planted the idea of dressing for the part on that trip.

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