Chicago Fabrics Part II

(this is a continuation of a prior post)

Day two of my fabric journey in Chicago took me to the most recommended shop, Textile Discount Outlet.

It, too, was only about 15 minutes from the McCormick Place but it is worth a drive from much further.  This is three floors of textile warehouse —  stacks of boxes all over the place, inventory not clearly marked with prices and a rugged, weathered basement that reminded me of my grandmother’s basement (she was a fabric horder).

With that said, it also has some real gems and these beaded items at the front of the store are proof.

I didn’t ask anyone prices because I knew I didn’t have a need, but they were very popular with the young women working on Prom gowns.  This area was very crowded and I stopped to talk with one young woman looking at feather trim. She showed me her prom inspiration dress which had a 2 foot train of feathers.

That is one of the things I really like about real fabric stores. They are filled with people who make clothing. And we all love to share and learn.  After running into these two on Saturday at Vogue and then at the Warehouse I had to get a picture with them.

They were working on decorating a new restaurant and needed 120 yards of fabric for curtains, but couldn’t agree.  One wanted silk, the other wanted to be more reasonable with cost.  We must have ran into each other more than 10 times during my time in the store, and I told them where I saw things that may have worked.  (I wish I had gotten contact info so they could have sent me a photo of the final windows.)

We were standing in front of the silks wall. The truth is there wasn’t too much 100% silk in the store, but the quality of their faux silks was amazing. This stand was a mixture of faux silk and 100% silk.


Remember there were three floors of fabric, with multiple rooms on each floor. Here is an aisle in another room.

Some of the prices were amazingly low, others were average, but the variety was much more than I have ever seen.

And, I’m sorry, but I didn’t get any photos of the rooms filled with trims, and foams. They were just as amazing.

Textile Discount Outlet is closed on Saturdays, but is open on Sundays.  The entry room where you have fabrics cut and check out was a bit crowded but we are in the midst of prom season so I don’t know if this is the norm. I hope to go on a weekday on my next visit.

I am now trying to find a weekend to go to Minneapolis to yet another store I’ve heard is even better than these.


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