Friends for Life

We have been friends forever and share a love for creating and making.  Both of us were taught to sew by our industrious, creative, and thrifty mothers.  This was a gift beyond measure!

Our Story

One Bastille Day, a few years ago, Barb and Vicki went to a celebration at a historic house museum.  Some people at the event were in 18th century period costumes—ranging from rough and ready frontiersman to elegant ball gowns.  They also had period dancing and we were invited to get up and dance.  As we began dancing, we realized just how much fun everyone, including us, was having.

Vicki had also been to Carnevale in Venice and was transfixed by both the sheer artistry of the participant’s costumes, as well as the performance art of wearing the costumes.

We decided to look for a local event with dancing and costumes.  We found one, cobbled together some used costumes and went.  Well, at this point we were all-in and started making our own historic costumes.

So although it came about by accident, we are now costumers.  Admittedly, both of us had made costumes in the past, but now we look for events to create things for.  Our costuming periods so far have ranged from the 17th Century to modern characters.  We know enough about sewing to try just about anything.  Although we don’t always end up with the result we intend, that is part of the fun!  We also do other creative endeavors and will also blog about them.  We hope you enjoy reading our posts.

Here We Are