2018 Jane Austen Festival in Louisville

In earlier posts, I blogged about making various regency costume items – a bonnet  http://accidentalcostumer.com/regency-bonnet-project-2018-using-fosshape/, a parasol http://accidentalcostumer.com/pesky-parasols-revisited-an-attempt-to-recover-an-antique-parasol-part-1/ , gloves http://accidentalcostumer.com/regency-golve-project-part-2-getting-better/, a ball gown http://accidentalcostumer.com/festival-frenzy-a-new-ball-gown-for-2018-louisville-jane-austen-festival/, and day dress http://accidentalcostumer.com/regency-day-promenade-dress-part-2/for the 2018 Jane Austen Festival in Louisville.  Here is how it looks – all put together!

Can’t wait to start creating for next year.

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